Inspiration | Recreation: DIY Neon Statement Necklace

We all know that the neon trend is going nowhere.  It’s been building the past few summers and continues to pop up everywhere.  Right now, one of the hottest trends is neon statement necklacesBaublebar has some of the prettiest ones I’ve seen. And I decided to recreate my own.  It’s completely easy and you’ve got an on trend look that didn’t set you back too much.

Bauble Bar Neon:  Lemon, Mixed, Earrings, Bracelet

I found 2 rhinestone necklaces at Canton Trade Days (like a monthly flea market) for $5 each.  I looked for ones with quite a bit of detail in the center and different sized stones.

source: fierceglamour’s instagram

Then, I chose which colors I wanted the necklaces to be.  This might have been the hardest part.  I chose yellow & pink for the top one and lime green for the bottom.

There is no big secret or trick to this DIY.  The main step: dotting nail polish on each stone.  On the green necklace, I chose not to color the big stones to make it a little more interesting.   Also, my necklaces were shorter than I liked so I added more links and a new closing.  (you can find both in the jewelry findings at your local hobby store)

THAT’S IT! No big process. Just grab a few necklaces and your favorite nail polishes and go to town.  It took about 10 minutes to completely dry. You can also do this with bracelets and earrings!  I can’t wait to wear them by themselves and layered.

Did you try this?  What is your favorite neon shade?

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The New Neon: Classy and Chic

Neon is still super hot for this Spring season!  But this season it seems to take a different tone.  The best way to wear neon is in your accessories. A small bit of neon goes far so a belt, bracelet, earrings or on your shoes will be just the perfect pop of color.

This season's Neon.

It’s easy to find neon! Target has a great selection of belts and handbags.  They also have those adorable slip on shoes (in MANY colors!)  Bauble Bar has the MOST awesome collection of neon jewelry.  You’re sure to find something you love!  It is also easy to find shoes with neon on them NY&Co, DSW, Dillards and more have fun selections.
  • Add the skinny belt to a button down shirt tucked into pants for a preppy look.
  • Throw on neon jewelry with an oversize sweatshirt or tee for a relaxed look.
  • Pair neon wedges with an ensemble that is monochromatic or very neutral to put it over the edge of chic!
And if you still have some neon tanks or what not, don’t be afraid to pull them out now!! I used a pop of neon yellow to brighten up my work outfit the other day with a simple braided tank.
from my instagram feed
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Neon & Neutral: The perfect balance

Yesterday, we talked about how to wear neon and not look like you stepped out of the 80’s!  This is the outfit/challenge that inspired it!

The latest Bloggers Do It Better Challenge was: NEON & NEUTRAL “The look marries a simple neutral palette with a pop of neon color. Think colorblocking meeting the neutrals trend and having a baby together. A perfect balance, the neutral grounds the bright fluorescent color accenting the ensemble.” (Pretty Shiny Sparkly)

When I looked for fluorescents in my closet all I had were shirts!  Two were baggy tees which I couldn’t make look good with anything.  Then I found this lovely neon yellow racerback top! I chose to pair my neon yellow top with a navy vest and white shorts.  I feel like the vest broke up the shock of the yellow.  

Top: Forever 21

Vest: Forever 21

Shorts: Forever 21 (gifted)

This challenge made me step out of my comfort zone a little bit and I loved the result.  I had forgotten out this vest and how much I loved it.  It’s getting a better spot in the closet from now on!

Sandals, Bracelets, Necklace: Gifted

Earrings: Charming Charlies

Rings: Katies (local jewelry store)

Have you tried neon? How do you wear it?

P.S. Don’t forget to take a look a how others worked the “Neon&Neutral” trend over at Pretty Shiny Sparkly!

BONUS: I’ve never posted outtakes because I already feel weird enough putting pictures of myself on the internet much less showing unflattering pictures.  Well, today was freaking HOT(over 100 degrees while IN the sun!) when we took pictures and it made for some interesting photos….so I’ll share some not so stellar moments! Enjoy!

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