What I Want To Wear: Tulle Skirts

I go through spurts of being obsessed with stuff. Right now it’s Girl Scout cookies and tulle skirts. I’ve seen a few on Pinterest now and then. But half the outfit ideas if see on the time sucking vortex that isPinterest are a lil too far out there for every day life in an east Texas town. These pins are more “I live in [insert big city] and have an ultra chic job of [insert cool job here].” Then in the last week or so a few tulle skirts have popped on my instagram feed on a some cool etsy shop owners, bloggers and a few friends!!

Amelia Instagram She’s got amazing OOTD’s!

Studio Mucci | instagram | shop Cutest tassel garlands EVER!

Pretty Sweet Life | instagram | blog

They all look freaking amazing, darling, chic, and adorable! And make me totally realize I need one of these bad boys sweet things!

MUST HAVE TULLE SKIRT!! It seems the place for the best tulle skirts are from Space46.

20140130-162227.jpg I mean their Instagram feed is absolutely beautiful! After scrolling thru their entire site, this is my most favorite:

I mean how beautiful!!!! I’ll take Wendy home today! Kay, thanks, bye! If only it were that easy. While that skirt is beautimous, it’s price tag is a tad high for my current budget. I’m gonna search for a DIY pattern first, but hopefully a tulle skirt is in my future soon!

What do you think of this trend? Would you ever wear it?

*All photos are from respective Instagram accounts linked above. The Space46 skirt is a screen shot. Link*

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DIY Living Room Artwork

Guess what? I’m still alive. Hope you didn’t miss me too much. Ha, I’m sure you didn’t. Let’s get to some goodness.

We are finally in the process of redecorating decorating our living room. Yes, we have lived here for a year and a half and JUST starting to decorate and hang stuff. Surprise, surprise, I’m super picky and want only certain colors, patterns, etc. This makes decorating difficult because I pretty much have to either diy something or buy a piece and make changes. BUT I end up with what I want. So we painted our whole living room white to basically start ALL over. These white walls needed some color and a big piece of art.

Enter the large blank canvas that hubbie and I found in the apartment dumpster a few years ago. It was still in 95% of the wrapper and only a small corner was dirty. Amazingly it survived our apartment and the move. So what does one do with a large blank canvas?

PAINT IT! The Pinterest search began for a pattern or idea. I found a few general ideas then winged it. I like the idea of a zig zag print, not quite chevron.

First, I painted it a plain coat of white to cover any dirty spots, then taped off my canvas into three sections. I measured 3 inch marks all across then connected them diagonally with light pencil marks.


Then I started painting, with just basic craft paint.

20131106-204532.jpg and painting..

Then I wasn’t quite happy with it, so I painted the edges black and took a sharpie ran a black line down the middle of the white sections and under two sections of the lines to add some depth.

(This was before I added the lines under the stripes)

Then, I hung that crap canvas on the wall. Voila! Instant easy art! Don’t mind the mess, this is real life folks!


Now that it’s been up a while, I think it’s a little too bright. I’m not quite sure what to do to fix this yet. My only idea is to quickly dry brush black paint over the whole thing, but I’m nervous to try that. Any ideas are WELCOME!

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DIY minky blanket

It only took 10 or more months, but I finally made Kinsey’s baby blanket! I’ve been worried about making it because I’ve heard minky fabric can be hard to work with. And on a scale of 1 to 10, I consider myself about a 4 in sewing skills. The “i think i can” motto ran wild in my head! So this week I bit the bullet and dived right in!

20130725-154445.jpg Tada! Dreams do come true. If you put your mind to it, you can do it!

—-insert more cheesy motivational mottos here—

But it is true. It wasn’t as hard as I thought. Beforehand I did my homework, scouring Pinterest for good tutorials. I found 2 that made me comfortable.


Chic Little House | How Does She

I used LOTS and LOTS of pins, when I sewed it together, when I hand stitched the opening, and when I sewed the 5/8ths stitch to finalize. I have a feeling this was the key to my success! So my biggest piece of advice: PIN,PIN, PIN!!! Then pin some more.

Sewing wasn’t hard, just the pinning. I also pre-washed my fabric BEFORE I even cut it. I don’t really know the dimensions of the blanket cause I used what I had leftover when I got her crib bedding made. I just bought a yard of minky and trimmed from there. It it’s about as wide and long as her crib and seems like it will work perfectly when we switch to a toddler bed. I’m in love with this fabric, which was originally a duvet set from pottery barn.

Everything on her room is designed to coordinate with it and I can’t wait to show you how everything came together. Her room is the one I’m most proud of so far, mainly cause hubbie gave me complete reign and so I ran with it! Hope this encourages you to try those projects you were dreading. And when you do, please share! I LOVE to see others projects. This might be why I’m obsessed taken with Pinterest. Please follow me there!

and pin the image below!!

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