Fit ’14: February Update

I would love to be able to reveal some great news that our Fit ’14 plan has gone better than expected and other random news. But ladies and gents, I’m not gonna sugarcoat the truth.


You know everyone’s online presence is only the best. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…. In the movie that is our everyday lives, these social media pages are everyone else’s highlight reels! We only see what others want us to see. And you can’t deny that about your own page. Every picture you post, every status you update gets re-read and filtered. Nothing goes in the internet with out a thought of “great, that looks/sounds good!” Bloggers are not immune to this. I feel fashion bloggers are especially guilty. I have been. It’s hard to not want to appear put together and well adjusted. There are always exceptions and I hope that I can be one of them.

So here’s an ugly truth: our fitness plan for 2014 has gone pretty crappy. I had such hopes and motivation at first. But no real results have changed. Our breakfast and lunch eating habits have improved. But not much else has. Dinner is a struggle. If I can make it at home, it helps.

The biggest sabotage is that sugar sneaks it’s way into our house. And I have no self control. NONE. Cookies get demolished and candy disappears within days. Ok, so the sugar doesn’t really enter the house secretly. I sabotage myself. That’s not an easy thing to admit. So let’s keep going…I’ve also had no motivation to get moving. The cold makes me do nothing. And our fitness equipment is all indoors. Totally lame and stupid. I’ve been guilt tripping myself hoping that the guilt would motivate me. I didn’t.

So here is another month and a new start. Here is March and let’s try again. Thanks for letting me be truthful!

Do you respect people when they are honest? Or do you prefer the pretty shiny package from bloggers?

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  • Joanne Almonte Mason

    it’s refreshing to see an honest post, especially from a blogger! I feel ya about that ‘filters’ we use to depict our lives. I have been actually hoarding a post about this but have been nervous to post. You might have changed my mind;)

  • Michelle

    Thanks Joanne! Actually you inspired me to be honest and open about it with your fitness posts and updates. Thanks for the support and your own honesty! <3