Rhythm of Life

   I just came across this quote  in a MOPS booklet.  It can’t hit truer right now.   As kids start back to school today, I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we will soon be into our fall rhythm.     Next week, lil K starts a pre-k one day a week.  I will consistently work once a week.   We have a weekly music class and a bi monthly moms group. It’s all consist and predictable. I thrive on consistency.   
I like to pretend I’m a go with the flow girl. And I am, somewhat.  But give me a list or a schedule and I’m on fire.  Summer, even without kids in school, still throws me for a loop. Because the American life revolves around a “school” year and a “summer”.    Even if you work 5 days a week, all year long, you still yearn for vacation and time off during hot months.  TV shows take a summer break.  Hollywood releases “summer blockbusters”.  Extra curriculars (dance, gymnastics) end for the “year”.  You get the idea.   

Add a brand new baby into the mix and I was all out of sorts these few hot months.   At this point, lil K and I have moments where we’ve had enough of each other. And that’s ok.  It’s too hot to go outside.  We both love the sunshine and fresh air.  Her brother needs attention.  She says, “Do you have to feed him again?”  I get it.  We’re are over this summer thing. 

I’ve run out of creative juices.  We’re surviving in this August abyss.  Everyone is alive and well, but the hearts in this house will certainly be happy for our September rhythm to return. 

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Who are you?

Um…hello?….anybody here? It’s been a LONG time since even I’ve been here.  And truthfully since I started this lil place, my life has changed completely upside down.  In the beginning, I was all about clothing and whatever I could get my hands on. I didn’t leave my apt without looking completely together.  I was newly graduated from college and in whole different place.  Add in 7 years, a husband, a dog, a house, and two lil ones and stir it all up. Life looks a lot different from where I’m sitting now and it’s better than I could ever imagine.  After adding a boy to the family in March, I learned all about that yoga pants trend. Why didn’t someone tell me the secret sooner?!?! I’ll go out of the house without makeup, and it’s a good thing.  I’d rather buy clothes for my kids or decor for my house than for myself.  I’m still obsessed with all things beauty and hair and clothing, just in a different sense.  I’ve thought little about this place in my absence and it’s been a good thing. I do miss typing out my random thoughts though so, here I am.  In all the changed ways, I’m back.   Can’t wait to ramble about whatnot and hope you happen to join. *waves a simple hi!*   Hi, I’m Sarah.

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The Madness of Kids Birthday Parties

It’s October and I’m already starting to get ideas/plans for Kinsey’s January birthday. Call me crazy, but if I start now it doesn’t get lost in the holiday shuffle. That said, looking on Pinterest and seeing “friends” parties on facebook of One year old and Two year old birthday parties is ridiculous. It is point blank and simple. RIDICULOUS! Birthday parties have become the equivalent of mini weddings. “Spare no expense!” “They’ve gotta have the best!”


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Lemme back up and say when I was little I had some pretty kick ass parties! My mom put a lot of effort and love into my makeover/princess party, my cowgirl corral party (including a chuck wagon food bar and a jail photo booth before photo booths were cool, circa 1995) and a psychedelic flower power 13th birthday! And that’s just a few. I have every intention to use my creative powers for good and throwing some pretty amazing bashes!

The biggest difference is, I remember these parties. I have every intention to use my creative powers for good and throwing some awesome parties for my kids too! I know they are going to get more extravagant with age.

By biggest gripe or shock to the system is these crazy, extravagant, over the top 1, 2, and 3 year old birthday parties. These kids won’t remember them. They realistically won’t. These parties are for the parents. And how each one can out do the last.

As I planned Kinsey’s party last year, I had to keep my party fantasies in check. My husband helped me by reminding me that for her at One it was just another day. And as I start the ideas this year, I have to remember the same thing. We kept it pretty simple last year, it was family only( our fam is big at 22 people!). And I made a few banners and blew up a few balloons and let that be. None of the decorations cost over $30 + the cost of food.

I keep debating on inviting friends this year, but know that it’s unnecessary. She is still little. Family is enough.

Why do we have to “keep up with the joneses” when it comes to parties?
I don’t wanna outdo myself and ideas for times she won’t even remember. I want her to have her best parties ahead of her that she’ll have wonderful memories of! She can have a fun party with out breaking the bank and feeling like an extravagant production.

KISS-keep it simple, sweetheart!

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