It’s Electric Beauty

At Christmas, I got two electric gadgets that have completely changed and enhanced my beauty routine! A tooth brush and an exfoliating facial brush. Sounds boring right? Totally not. Months later and I’m singing their praises!

Oral B Professional Healthy Clean Precision 1000 Toothbrush


An electric toothbrush? Big whoop right? Well I had to get a cavity filled last year while hubbie had perfect healthy teeth. I got jealous over his clean mouth. He credited his electric toothbrush. So I got one at Christmas. After four months of use, my teeth feel like I’ve been to the dentist after every brush. I have a bottom permanent retainer from braces that is extremely hard to clean under, the plaque used to seem impossible to remove except by the dentist. The electric toothbrush erases it within one brushing.

::My favorite features::
The two minute timer…I am horrible at brushing teeth for very long. This fixes that. The brush pulses every 30 seconds and shuts off at 2 minutes. So easy for the lazy brusher!
The circular vibrating head.…I think this makes the biggest difference. It’s more like what the dentist uses. It’s smaller and can fit in smaller to clean those hard to reach back teeth.

Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System


This one was a Black Friday find at Ulta at 1 am and was the last one! It found its way under the Christmas tree too. I was excited to get one because I’ve heard fabulous things about Clarisonic products. This thing is the bomb. It does everything it says and my skin looks better than ever because of it!

:::My favorite features::
…It has a rechargeable battery that lasts 20 minutes (each “wash” is timed at 1 minute). It doesn’t need charging often and it charges within an hour. Such a quick and easy process.

…It is waterproof. I can use it in the shower! I leave it on our shower shelf to use as part of my routine. I use mine about 4 or 5 times a week to really deep cleanse my face.

…The rotating heads and gel cleanser make it feel like a facial, every time. I was able to use the trial size cleanser for two months before having to buy the full size version. A little bit goes a long way!

I never though they techy products really had a place in my beauty routine. Boy, was I wrong! These two have eased and bettered my regime by leaps and bounds!

What product has changed your beauty routine?

Pipsqueak Chic

Hey guess what?! It’s a new feature! Yay! If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m obsessed with fashion and all that goes with it.  I’ve managed to pass that on ALREADY to my 15 month old.  We go into a store and look at a shirt, she oohs and aahs.  It’s a bad habit that really does start young.   As much as it bad, I’m loving that she’s getting excited as I am!  I love buying her clothes and putting her in the cutest little outfits and hairdos, so I’ve decided to showcase her little style too!

pipsqueak chic

Welcome to Pipsqueak Chic!

Not all posts will include pictures of Miss KT, but will be more of the layout variety.  Firsts are a special treat!  Her spring/summer wardrobe is some of my favorite, but this might happen every year here on out.  Old Navy has/had some of the most adorable stuff a few months ago; most of it is still in stock!


Including this little pink tulip print bodysuit (in blue) and denim ruffle skirtall dress!

Also wearing Target Osh Kosh Gold Ballet Flat and pink flower clip (similar).IMG_5090

I’m excited to showcase little bit’s style and would love to show off your pipsqueak’s fashion sense.  If you would like to participate, please email me at fierce [underscore] glamour @ yahoo [dot] com.

One Texas Tee, Two Ways

I’ve recently become obsessed with tee shirts and jeans. Maybe it’s because they are easy to throw on and dress up! *fashion scouts honor* I won’t make them my mom uniform. But this Texas tee will be in spring/summer closet rotation! It’s already made its way into 2 outfits within 2 weeks! Two completely different ways!

Up first….

| Texas Tee: Charlie Southern | Sweater: Forever 21 | Jeans: Old Navy | Flats: Target (similar) | Necklace: Target (similar) | Watch: Fossil |


Second way…


|Texas Tee: Charlie Southern | Jeans: Forever 21(similar) | Long Necklace: Vintage | K Necklace: Zales (similar) |


See.. Obsessed. I make no promises, you might see it again.
What’s your favorite jeans and tee combo?

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