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Hello there stranger! It’s been a while. A long while. Truthfully, in this absence I considered deleting this thing. It crossed my mind multiple times and really it broke my heart at the thought. But I have to be honest with myself and you. Blogging is hard, for me sometimes. Between blogger jealousy and burnout, it’s been tough. I know that tons of people do it every week, every day, sometimes multiple time a day and are a lot better at it than me.

August was a crazy month around here. We found out aug. 2nd that we are gonna have baby #2 in April, right around Easter. We found out really early and chose not to tell anyone until after our first doctor appointment. All of the first trimester stuff hit early. Morning sickness was a beast; tiredness was overwhelming!


I know I’m not the first person to ever go thru it and stronger people than me have done it. It was a rather large adjustment for our little family. Running after a 20 month old who is all in, about, and around everything is a fun, exhausting adventure. Add all that up plus a few days of working, and this little place got left behind. I’m back for a while, but this time with much more real expectations. I don’t know that I’ll post every day or even every week. There might be quite a few more “real” honest posts, mainly because I can’t make stuff up or be fake.

It’s another chapter in The Fierce Glamour’s life. Cheers!

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Benefit They’re Real Push Up Gel Liner: Review

A few weeks ago, Benefit launched their newest makeup invention: They’re Real Push Up Gel Liner

20140721-220946-79786630.jpgIt boasts some big things:
“It’s the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner. The closer the line, the bigger the eye!

91% said it was longwearing*
81% said it was waterproof*
88% said it hugged the lashline*
84% said eyes looked visibly larger*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey on 32 women after 2 weeks” [source]

Those are some serious promises! I used my Ulta gift card from Christmas to snatch one of these bad boys! Now, I’m a huge Benefit fan. Probably 1/2 of my makeup bag is filled with the makeup goodness. But when it comes to eyeliner, I’m pretty skeptical of any brand, bouncing back and forth over the years, with limited success. Ladies, I’ve found it! This stuff runs circles around the other guys and laughs while doing it! It lives up to all that hype!

It goes on smooth, stays where you out it, doesn’t smudge, and is perfect for different liner looks! I can finally achieve the perfect winged look again! There isn’t much wrong with this liner! The special tip allows for precise placement! The long lasting ability is the best feature. For our recent trip up North, it lasted from 4 am til 8pm when I took it off.

Tips & Tricks
For easiest application apply light pressure as you glide along the lash line. Light strokes haven’t proven well for me.

It is a little hard to remove! Soap and water won’t touch it. I’ve found that good ole’ baby oil does the trick, but that’s not the best for contact wearers or if you have oily skin.

20140721-232922-84562588.jpg[after washing with face wash and water.]
Mary Kay’s Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover removes the eyeliner easily with no problem!

I really love this eyeliner. I’m so excited to share it with you and hope you have as good as results as I have!

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Healthy Snacking While Traveling

Baby and I had been out of town this week. She took her first plan ride! That was its own adventure! I’ve been trying to stay healthy, but it’s certainly not easy! I scoured google to find some healthy options that would work for me with a baby in tow! Of course, they didn’t have those healthy finds at our local market so I had to improvise. 20140715-161633-58593563.jpg
Kind Bars Dark Chocolate Chunk
Oats. Quinoa. Millet. Amaranth. Buckwheat. Simple, right? This unique blend of super grains packs each KIND Healthy Grains bar with more than 1 full serving of whole grains, which provides fiber and protein. So grab the delicious snack that will help support the balanced diet you work hard for.
Dark Chocolate Chunk bar have twice the chocolate, made form whole grains coated with dark chocolate and real dark chocolate chunks. (Vitacost)

20140715-161634-58594755.jpgI tried to find cocoa almonds, but no such luck. Next best thing with similar nutrition facts was Planters Cocoa Peanuts!

I’m so happy I decided to go with both of these snacks! They are absolutely delicious! The Kind Bars have just enough chocolate to satisfy that craving and the granola is perfectly sweetened! Let me just tell you, Planters Cocoa Peanuts are delicious! They hit the spot of the peanut butter craving and helped fill me up! I also borrowed a few of lil’ bit snacks of mini peanut butter sandwich crackers and goldfish. None of my snacks made me feel guilty and I felt perfectly satisfied. Google and Pinterest are awesome for finding healthily snacking options!

What are your favorite healthy snack options on the go?

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